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Lean manufacturing aims to optimise production processes to the highest level of efficiency utilising the minimum amount of resources. By implementing a strategic approach to manufacturing which values customer service above all else, a company can remain competitive, enhance productivity and maintain an effective use of resources. An outstanding production system which has consistent access to real-time information, a strong supply chain, and efficient stock management will assist your company in achieving a competitive advantage

Team BDS understands that lean manufacturing practice is best achieved by identifying and eliminating waste. We approach each business on a case-by-case business as no two companies will be at the same stage, nor will they have the same requirements. We look at your strategies and performance in the following areas, although this list is not exhaustive:

Transport : We identify where items such as stock and materials are being moved unnecessarily between locations.

Production : We identify whether too much or too little inventory is being produced, or whether it is being produced too fast or too slow.

People Power : We look at the labour force involved in the manufacturing process, identifying where skills are not being utilised and if feedback and training is not being taken on board.

Time : We assess the time required to complete processes, delays caused by waiting for parts or people, work stoppages caused by malfunctioning machinery.

Having assessed these areas, we utilise the Five Principles of lean manufacturing and their application, combined with Six-Sigma methodology. Team BDS provides training and implementation support, and selects the most relevant improvement methodologies for each particular challenge faced by your manufacturing company.

The Five Principles of Lean Manufacturing


1. Identify Value –  Understanding what value the customer places upon the product or service.

2. Map the Value Stream – Looking at the life-cycle of the product from raw material right through to customer use and subsequent disposal in order to identify areas of waste.

3. Create Flow – Ensuring that all aspects of the production process are moving efficiently and in harmony with one another.

4. Establish Pull –  Improving the efficiency of the production process to the point where nothing is produced unless the customer needs it. The aim is to reduce the time it takes to produce and ultimately deliver the product to the customer, but this is only achievable if all processes are working in ‘flow’ with one another.

5. Seek Perfection – constantly striving to eliminate wasteful processes in order to achieve the perfect product and exceptional customer service.



Six-Sigma is a set of techniques and tools used to aid process improvement. The goal of Six-Sigma is to achieve 99.99966% outcomes which are defect free.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help your business implement Lean Manufacturing excellence. [Contact us] today to find out more.

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What Our Clients Say

Ian AndersonIan AndersonIan Anderson, Group Chief Operating Officer, Momentum Services
Team BDS were recommended to us to assist in developing a revised software specification and sourcing a suitable partner who could deliver the solution to best fit our needs. From the outset their professional and structured approach filled us with extreme confidence that we were engaging with a partner who ...
Mary Mc CagheyMary Mc CagheyMary Mc Caghey, Director, IGWT
IGWT availed of the support of Team BDS in the implementation of a Lean Management Programme. We found the skills of their specialists on-site, and their approach to the overall project, was excellent. They were very insightful in creating solutions which have helped us to add substantial value to our ...
Simon MurraySimon MurraySimon Murray, Director, Universal Graphics
Team BDS have provided ongoing business support to Universal Graphics over a period of time. They have always proven to have outstanding skills in various technical disciplines. They have helped us to achieve significant improvements in a number of key business areas. Equally important is the knowledge base they have ...
Joe SkeltonJoe SkeltonDirector of Production Planning, Aer Lingus
The work completed by the Team BDS specialists on this project to-date has provided us with immediate benefits and has helped us to overcome significant challenges which had the potential to impact on our targeted passenger growth.
James BarrettJames BarrettDirector, O’Connor Sutton Cronin Consulting Engineers
We engaged Team BDS to provide support to the company in applying innovation and process improvement to key business units. Their technical approach was very successful in identifying problem areas, and this was complemented by highly effective mentoring and managerial support. They have succeeded in implementing practical cost effective solutions ...
Barry SmithBarry SmithBarry Smith,Managing Director, Abcon Industrial Products
We have worked with Team BDS on both Innovation and Lean Management Projects. We have always found that the consultants allocated to each project were not just extremely knowledgeable in their own specialist areas, but were experienced in a wide range of disciplines. They have a practical common sense approach ...
Oliver CroninOliver CroninOliver Cronin,Finance Director, Gem Pack Foods
Team BDS identified the business system most suited to our needs. As we did not have a resource available to project manage the system implementation, this was undertaken by Team BDS. I can definitely state that we would not have had a successful implementation without their input. They took ownership ...