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Implementing a Business Management System (BMS) involves putting in place a set of policies and procedures to be used within all business strategies and management activities. A BMS provides managers and staff with the necessary tools to generate and promote continuous improvement, while maintaining focus on customer needs. This in turn can add to the overall success of a business through reducing costs and improving profitability

BMS can be applied to many core business processes, including quality, budgeting, environmental, and resource management. Thus, companies can utilise BMS to focus on improving specific areas within the business while, at the same time, supporting organisation wide improvement and growth.

Team BDS are industry leaders in BMS consultancy with expertise built on over 20 years’ experience in a variety of fields. We assist a wide range of private and public sector clients in developing strategies to improve their business activities, including guiding them through the implementation process and beyond. We are specialists in assessing each organisation and its current needs, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. We look at all core aspects which lead to a successful business, including:

  • Strategy
  • Process Foundations
  • Organisation
  • Effective use of Technology
  • Business Metrics (BM) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Our goal, when working with every business, is to improve the performance of the organisation. Once we have carried out an in-depth review of the business operations, we look at existing systems and the resources available, identifying where in-house improvements and adjustments can be made, and the most cost effective way these can be achieved. Our team of industry expert consultants work only with the very best software providers to assist you in the specification, selection and implementation of any new Management Information System which is commensurate with your business needs. Our expertise is available to guide you through the process of improving your current BMS, or in selecting and implementing new systems in areas including manufacturing, operations, accounting, customer management, transport and warehousing.

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process in developing every new BMS, and we then help them through implementing and maintaining these new systems. The successful integration of a new BMS can lead to improved performance, profitability, cost reductions and an overall improvement in operational efficiency.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help your business to assess your BMS needs. Contact us  today to find out more.

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