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Our strategic management development approach is linked to our management development and leadership services. Among the models used, we apply the “Action Orientated” learning model of service.

The Action Learning Programme is a fresh approach to management development and training. This moves away from the classic consultancy assignment and alternately focuses on developing the skills of management and staff through a structured programme which addresses live strategic issues for the client organisation.

Following an assessment of client strategic objectives and major challenges, we determine the skills and training required. We then create and deliver a suitable “just in time” skills development programme to enhance staff capability to achieve the organisations goals. This high level training equips the staff to address similar challenges successfully in the future.

Training Modules are flexible and adaptable to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Team BDS provide Management Training and Development services on topics including Lean Management, Quality Management,  Management Development, and Innovation Management and NPD, in addition to training in associated management of manufacturing and operations activities.

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