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Everybody has ideas.

Hundreds and thousands of employee ideas are lost daily.

To the person of origin these ideas may not seem practical but, if discussed and developed, could provide cost savings or new products.

Team BDS will help you identify how to implement methods for generating, gathering and stimulating ideas, followed by an understanding of how to evaluate an idea with respect to your particular business. Naturally, as the pipeline begins to grow, evaluation must take place so that the cream floats to the top and, in some cases, trigger a feasibility study or further idea evaluation by way of market research.

Being in a position to perform effective idea evaluation is critical to the overall process. We help you with the required training, support and toolkits necessary to perform this function, as well as essential feasibility studies.


We would be delighted to discuss how we can help your business to develop idea generation and progress your ideas with effective feasibility studies. [Contact us] today to find out more.

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