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Innovation is the successful management of change. Innovation in business involves taking advantage of changes in the external environment in order to continually adapt and change business models to achieve a competitive advantage. Building a culture that supports innovation can help your business stay relevant, meet challenges, and stay competitive. The creative process of innovation may involve developing and bringing a new product or service to the market, or simply a series of smaller innovations such as implementing a more efficient way of working to reduce costs and become more profitable

Team BDS consultants draw on years of industry experience and expertise to show you how you can implement a culture of innovation within your business. We will look at the value proposition of your business, i.e. what is being sold and delivered to the market, the supply chain of how it is created and delivered to the market, and your target customer. We will then show you how to implement methods of stimulating, generating and gathering ideas, as well as understanding how to evaluate an idea while maintaining a focus on your business and industry

The process of innovation can affect any number of areas within your business:

  • Product innovation – new product development or improvements to current products.
  • Technology innovation – making improvements to your company’s technology assets, introducing cloud-based systems.
  • Marketing innovation – conducting regular market research to identify customer attitudes and needs, implementing a digital marketing strategy.
  • Process innovation – implementing new or significantly improved methods of design processes, production and delivery.
  • Strategy innovation – changing or improving your business models in order to adapt to new technologies, competitors and customer needs.
  • Organisational innovation – promoting a culture of knowledge, learning, teamwork and idea generation within the organisation in order to identify areas for improvement and change.

“We engaged Team BDS to provide support to the company in the field of applying innovation and process improvement to key business units. Their technical approach was very successful in identifying problem areas and this was complemented by very effective mentoring and managerial support. They have succeeded in implementing practical cost effective solutions that have significantly enhanced our processes and impacted directly on our P&L accounts. We plan to continue working with Team BDS on an ongoing basis and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.” – James Barrett, Director, O’Connor Sutton Cronin Consulting Engineers

Team BDS are experts in the area of showing companies how to apply innovative strategies to their business operation. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business to become more innovative.

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