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Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer are central to business innovation. In recent years global trading has significantly increased and this, coupled with trading barriers being removed /reduced, has resulted in new opportunities emerging in the areas of product substitution and product addition. This supports today’s mind-set of not “re-inventing the wheel”.


Team BDS has extensive expertise in the area of Intellectual Property Support, with additional access to specialists, to support you in all requirements for assessing and implementing every aspect of your Intellectual Property, along with associated Royalties and Tax Credits.


We also have the capability to successfully identify and manage your process of Technology Transfer. This ensures that you do not have to divert your focus away from the core day to day business. You can be more effective by being part of the Technology Transfer pipeline of ideas evaluation and the matching of the presented capability for your business.

We help you understand how this can be applied within your business so that the appropriate legal, taxation and protection of your Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer can be applied. We take all considerations into account such as “Landed Costs”, Intellectual Property and Manufacturing Licenses.

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