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Engineering Sector

Company: Flow Technology Ltd

Service: Business and Operations Improvement

Sector: Engineering design to Pharma sector; 25 employees


Flow Technology undertook a “Process and Management Improvement Project”, with the support of Team BDS. The project has led to growth in sales, profitability and productivity and has positioned the company for further growth and expansion.

The project focus was on:

  • Re-engineering Business Processes
  • Generating clear Management Accountability
  • Defining Roles & Responsibilities
  • Improving Business Information Systems

Team BDS supported Flow Technology in redefining and re-engineering key business processes to achieve greater efficiency in all activities leading to improved business results. A revised organisation with clearly defined responsibilities, improved management, and communications with measurable results.

Key achievements include:

  • Sales growth of 14%
  • Productivity improvement of 23%
  • Inventory reduction of 25% (with increased throughput)
  • Reduction in project disruption due to material flow issues of 50%
  • Implementation of Management review with focused KPI’s

Flow Technology has enhanced its business and is strongly positioned for future growth and expansion. The company has improved management of materials and operations and has seen growth in sales, profit and throughput.

Key Measures Results
Sales +14%
Productivity +23%
Inventory -25%

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