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Manufacturing Sector

Company: Universal Graphics

Service: Lean Business

Sector: Manufacturing, 20 employees


Team BDS supported Universal Graphics Ltd on a six day project to introduce lean business principles into the organisation with a view to increasing productivity and reducing costs.

A project team comprising personnel from various levels within the organisation, from management through to supervisory and administration staff, was formed and the principles of lean business were outlined. Agreement was quickly reached on some key issues which would be addressed during the six day pilot period. These included:

  • Creation of a centralised sales pipeline management system
  • Introduction of effective production planning and scheduling for various departments
  • Daily production reporting of sales and production values to facilitate cost analysis of labour and material costs per job

Team BDS worked directly with our project team members individually and collectively to implement processes and systems to achieve the required planning, reporting and analysis.

Key results achieved over an eight week period;

Measure Pre-Programme Post Programme % Increase
Avg Daily Production Value +39%
Value per Production Hour +28%
Net Margin +200%
Average Design Time per Job 4 days 2 Days -50%
Sales Pipeline Disjointed Accurate
Daily Production Schedule Not in Place Established
Cost Analysis Per Job Not in Place Established

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