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Manufacturing Sector

Company: Securi-Cabin Ltd

Service: Innovation and R&D

Sector: Manufacturing; 40 employees


Team BDS supported Securi-Cabin through a Strategic Innovation programme in developing an R&D strategy to deliver innovative products which have increased revenue, grown exports and improved profitability. This has enabled the company to diversify its products and target markets and has made Securi-Cabin more competitive.

Key Objectives Included:

  • Need to identify niche markets
  • Leveraging existing skills, expertise and capabilities
  • Diversifying products and markets
  • Growing exports
  • Developing new products

Team BDS assisted the company in developing and implementing a Strategic Plan with R&D as a core activity to underpin competitiveness and profitability. We also facilitated the development of a financial plan and secured funding for R&D. Team BDS managed the delivery of the programme to:

  • Design and manufacture a new “Mobile Welfare Unit”
  • Embed product development
  • Develop a sustainable Organisational Structure to deliver the plan

This has helped the company to become self-sufficient in its R&D systems, management and projects. In addition, new products are more cost effective to produce, having been designed for manufacture. Average production time has been reduced by 33%. The new product accounted for 48% of sales in the first year (of which 60% was exported).

Securi-Cabin has secured patents for the Intellectual Property developed and is now exporting to three EU countries. The company has a network of international agents.

The following is reflective of some critical KPI’s which have emerged from the process of Strategic and Innovation implementation.


Key Measures
Sales +400%
Gross Margin +7%
Employment +5%
Labour Cost Per Unit -33%

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